The Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro was launched in April 2017 in India. It was included in the category of mid-range smartphones in terms of its pricing. This review can serve as a straightforward guide for anyone who wants to know more about the Galaxy C7 pro. Unlike other popular Smartphone series from Samsung like the ‘A’, ‘M’ and ‘J’ range, Samsung Galaxy C7 pro was not advertised aggressively. Despite this fact, the performance and utility of C7 pro is sensational.

General information of Galaxy C7 pro
Galaxy C7 pro features
Rear design of C7 pro


The C7 pro is one of the slimmest Smartphones available in the market. The design is simple yet classy. Besides the simplicity, the body is made up of Aluminium. Therefore, the build quality of C7 pro is sturdy and phenomenal. Furthermore, the positioning of antenna lines on the rear portion of this Smartphone gives it an attractive look.

The home button is positioned at the centre on front side. It serves as the fingerprint sensor too. The rounded edge curves look seemingly beautiful. In addition to the ergonomic placement of volume buttons and power button, Samsung has positioned the speakers at the extreme rear. The device has a C-type charging port. Hence, one can agree that the design of Galaxy C7 pro is indeed spot-on!

Galaxy C7 pro notification bar glance


The device previously came with Android Marshmallow. Subsequently, one can update it to Android Oreo at this time. For users who prefer a stock android look, the C7 pro might not be a felicitous option. The phone runs on Samsung UI. The Samsung experience version 9.0 provides a number of features like game launcher, Samsung cloud, Samsung connect, etc. The software interface is simple and performs well.

The Galaxy C7 pro excels marvellously in terms of performance. From multi-tasking to gaming, the processor and RAM combination provides a flawless performance. Most of the users are satisfied by the performance of this beautiful device. Furthermore, there are some useful gestures which can be utilized by a user depending on their requirement.


The front selfie camera does not have a dedicated flash. Despite this fact, the 16 MP lenses produce good images. The rear camera is 16 MP in specification. There is no variant of C7 pro which has a double, triple or quad camera option. The rear camera is conventional but generates good details in the captured images. Even so, one has to use the rear flash to get crisp images during night or in low-light conditions. There are different modes provided in the camera app which prove salubrious to a user.

Galaxy C7 Pro USB cable slot, speaker and audio slot

GALAXY C7 PRO key points: (A user’s perspective)

As I have used this electronic gadget for more than 2 years, I can share all the minute details and experiences. These points can provide vital information regarding Galaxy C7 pro:

· The phone is made up of Aluminium. Therefore, it is slippery to hold in hand. One can eventually get accustomed with the grip after considerable usage.

· There are absolutely no lagging issues in this device. Lagging problems are subjective and depends on how the user uses a device. But, for regular users, the phone performs smoothly and consistently.

· The C7 pro excels in gaming department. Games like Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat run effortlessly.

· The NFC option is an attractive feature for people who indulge in online payments.

· The phone comes with a fast charger. The charger performance is impressive.

· A C-type USB cable is mandatory for connection. Therefore, there are certain limitations in compatibility of traditional USB cables.

· Regular updates are not available from Samsung. The last Android update came in October 2019.

· The device is strong and can withstand some rough usage. Although, it is advisable to refrain from dropping a Smartphone regularly.

· The screen display is remarkable. One can watch videos and movies conveniently. The colours are well-balanced too.

· The C7 pro has two slots for SIM and memory card. But, the second slot can hold either a SIM card or a memory card. In other words, the second slot is hybrid.


As a user, I have been more than satisfied from this gadget. I wanted to write a review on one of my best purchases in Smartphones. If you are interested, you can check out the Samsung Galaxy C7 pro price online. It should be noted that the availability of this device can be rare.



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